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I AM....A sister,A grandaughter,A niece,A cousin,A friend.I AM A partner,A student,A young girl and A grown woman.I AM confident and scared.Terrified and excited.I AM loving and caring,and thoughtful and hopeful.I AM sick and tired.I AM shy and friendly,and careful and careless.I AM broken and whole.I AM misunderstood,misguided and mislead.
I AM hardworking and determined.But a little scared on the inside. I wish on stars and dream my dreams.I pray to god and cry my tears.I smile on the outside,while i am dying on the inside.I listen to others who won't listen to me.I walk on eggshells and i walk on fire.I believe in passion but not true love. I love you and i push you away.I want you but not so close.I AM everything and nothing all at once.for the last few words,I JUST DO WHAT I WANT.IT'S NOT ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING.IT'S ABOUT ME

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

tomorrow is the day that I was not expecting

im scared :'(
baca tajuk da?baca ta?phm?ta phm?huuuu.....
sok ari rabu,wednesday..30th march....
takotnyee.smpai skrg ta abis mnggeletarr,.GRRRRGRRRRR..over plk da. :D .lilo ta sk rse mcm nih.
I can't imagine how I feel right now because it is too complicated to be expressed with words . :(
takut+gelisah+trembling++++++=oh no.im dying noww~
mesti gla2 pk,ape ke hellnye la dak kenit nih mmbebel.act,tomorrow is the day of discharge cycles, in other words, tomorrow is my day to reduce oil without the instructor in. phm???spa yg phm,taniah bg anda ^___________^.doakan lilo kay guys,takut sgt ttau la npe nih.

bile bace tamaw men2,suda bace sila komen :)

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