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I AM hardworking and determined.But a little scared on the inside. I wish on stars and dream my dreams.I pray to god and cry my tears.I smile on the outside,while i am dying on the inside.I listen to others who won't listen to me.I walk on eggshells and i walk on fire.I believe in passion but not true love. I love you and i push you away.I want you but not so close.I AM everything and nothing all at once.for the last few words,I JUST DO WHAT I WANT.IT'S NOT ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING.IT'S ABOUT ME

Monday, 22 August 2011

na tENGOKKKKK -____________-

mst korg....eh knp entry tu??ap jd? :O ? 
ni haa..psl keinginan sye or nafsu yg amat sgt tggi untuk mnonton televiSION.=,,=
trase conott sesangat ble ta dpt tgk tv.da la ta sllu blek.haishh....ap kan nseb ku...kne berebut tv ngn TOK MAK(my nenek keh ).aiyoooo...tepakse daku melihat crita2 dulu kala.heronya p ramlee...jgn men2..hebat tuh.haha.ckp psl cte lme2 ni kan...korg pena rse na jd org dolu2 ta?pena ??aigooo...takan ta pena kuittt.org lame2...rmbut afro..sluar kembang.(bg muslimin)..skirt comey kembang2 (bg muslimah).tp skrg nih...pesyennn skrg da brulang mcm dlu.KAN?btoiiii....lilo ta tipu....org skrg da mule lambut kembang2...baju besau2..mini skirt tuh biase la.gurls plk ske pkai skirt2 gtu..ngn bju gebeh2.tau bju gebeh2??(phm2 kan sndri keh):)
ta cye lg??tgk bukti nih..

dolu dolu 



bile bace tamaw men2,suda bace sila komen :)

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